1. Expert Paver Installation

The installation of pavers in patios is very common if you want to build borders, walkways, access, decorations in planters and more, this block can be of different materials such as brick, stone and concrete, they come in different colors and shapes, ideal for custom designs according to the client's taste. If you are interested in paver installation then call us today, we’re the expert company you are looking for, Gonzalez Lucio Landscaping will come with their technicians and build what you want in your patio.


2. Monthly Maintenance/ One time clean up'.

To keep a landscape in excellent conditions you have to give it timely maintenance and cleaning, that is why in Gonzalez Lucio Landscaping we offer monthly maintenance and one time clean up, this service is very important because giving maintenance to plants, shrubs and grass guarantees that they will withstand seasonal changes. Don't worry about delays in this activity and let our experts help you with a personalized schedule of visits according to your needs. If you hire us our experts will clean up leaves and branches, pick up debris, clean up the lawn, clean up the lawn, edging, weed removal, pruning and trimming. Contact us and ask us what this service includes, we will be glad to assist you.


3. Tree Trimming & Removal

Tree trimming and removal are activities that must be performed by experts to avoid damage around the tree. At Gonzalez Lucio Landscaping we offer quality tree trimming & removal services, we work with a team of arborists experts in trimming and removal techniques that will guarantee the safety and care around the tree that needs to be removed, and if you only require the trimming service we guarantee to apply the proper methods to prevent the tree from drying out and grow healthy with new leaves, flowers and branches, creating different shapes with beautiful designs. Let us visit you to make an inspection and give you a quote with the activity that best suits the client according to their situation.


4. Drip & Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Having an irrigation system in a garden is very important to preserve the brightness and beauty in all seasons, but it is essential that these systems are installed by professionals who advise the customer which system is best suited according to their plants and areas. At Gonzalez Lucio Landscaping we offer installation and repair of drip irrigation systems and sprinkler irrigation systems, each one has different functions, advantages and catchment areas. Our technicians will install the system and the necessary piping so that your entire landscape is watered correctly, and if you already have a system installed, but feel it isn’t working properly, our consultants can also repair it to make it work efficiently. Our inspections include checking: sprinklers, piping, timer, spring start-up, winterization and much more.


5. Planting

If you like plants, you should know that planting isn’t only about digging a hole in the ground and placing the seeds, many times the type of soil isn’t in conditions for your seeds or plants to grow. That is why Gonzalez Lucio Landscaping offers the planting service, our technicians will come to your house and plant the plants taking all the necessary measures so that your plants don’t die. This service includes: planting the seeds, healthy plants or shrubs, fertilizer application, soil improvement, use of pesticides when needed, and above all planting at the right time of the season. Another very important detail to keep in mind is that with expert landscapers you can be confident that the location where your shrub is planted will be ideal to complement your landscape design. Ask for the plant of your choice and we will be happy to advise you.


6. Turf and grass

Our county has excellent advantages with respect to climate, since temperature changes aren’t so abrupt and this allows garden owners to enjoy their lawns all year round. At Gonzalez Lucio Landscaping we have specialists dedicated to turf and grass, trust us and you will get the lawn of your dreams. We have availability at any time of the year, our services include: complete lawn inspection, customized fertilization treatment, aeration, weed removal and much more. We assure you that our services exceed the expectations of what you want.